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    Looking for Gravity, Skatewheel, Powered Live Roller, Incline or Decline Belt Conveyor, KMH has the solution.



    • Unit Material Handling:

    Unit Material Handling includes all conveyor application, where the object being conveyed is considered a 'unit object' as opposed to 'bulk objects'.  These 'unit' conveyor fall into two general classes, either dead (gravity) conveyor, or powered conveyor.  Dead or gravity conveyor usually fall into two categories, either skatewheel or roller conveyor.  Powered conveyor include both powered roller conveyor and belt conveyor. 


    Gravity Conveyor:


    omni gravity conveyor.gif

    Omni Metalcraft Corp Gravity conveyor implies some type of 'pitched' conveyor, thus gravity is used to assist in moving the unit object.  Dead roller conveyor usually implies the conveyor are located at a fixed elevation.  Movement of objects on the conveyor is a result of an operator pushing the objects from one location to another.  These conveyor are available in many sizes and are capable of conveying loads as light as a pound or as heavy as several tons.


    picture1 058.png


    omni bdlr.jpg

    Omni Metalcraft Powered conveyor include live roller and belt conveyor.  Live roller are generally used for both transportation and accumulation, while belt conveyor are used in incline and decline belt, as well as brake belts.


    Gravity conveyor will vary in cost, but are considerable less expensive then powered units.  Budget prices for gravity systems will run about $40.00 to $50.00 per foot while powered unit will cost from $120.00 to $200.00/foot, depending on the overall length and function of the proposed system.





    brake roller.jpg

     If your application calls for using gravity conveyor while conveying heavy unit objects such as pallets, you may need to consider using a brake roller to ensure a constant velocity.  As a general rule, if conveying 48” long pallets, you may need one brake roller for each pallet position.  Additional information on brake rollers can be found on the Brake Roller Corporation web site






    flexoveyor bag flattener 1.png

    Anytime your application calls for the movement of ‘something’ other than a standard flat bottom box or pallet, then we usually will need to quote unique equipment designed for a specific purpose.  As a general rule, unique equipment usually implies slightly higher costs, since these are considered ‘one off specials’ and are not ‘mass produced’.  Flexoveyor

    has a long history of building special design equipment.  The Flexoveyor Bag Flattener is one example of special design equipment.




    • Table Top Chain 
    •  Power & Gravity
      • Case & Pallet Handling
      • Black Iron, SS, and Plastic Components
      • Ball Transfers
    ball transfers.jpg


    Ball Transfers are available in a number of sizes.  The purpose of a Ball Transfer table is to usually assist in the movement or rotation of an object, without the need to physically lift and turn the object.  As a general rule, the larger the diameter of the ball, the greater the individual capacity of each ball.  Applications include heavy machine shops where large steel plates are positioned on shears or presses.


    Replacement Rollers & Components

    • Bulk Handling: Cleated Belt & Slider Bed
    • Overhead: Power and Free
    • Slick Rail


    • Flexible Gravity Conveyor
    accordion wheel1.jpg



    Roll-A Way Flexible Gravity Conveyor are ideally suited for shipping receiving areas where space is limited.  Flexible conveyor are available in 12", 18", 24" and 30" overall widths, with extended lengths ranging from 8'-0" to 60'-0".  These conveyor, when compressed, occupy a space 1/4 of the original extended length, thus a 10'-0" compressed unit will extend to approximately 40'-0".  The above wheel conveyor is available in plastic wheel, nylon wheel and steel wheel.



    • Portable Belt Conveyor

    img186.gif   model_pc_thumb.jpg


    Hytrol Portable Belt Conveyor are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths.  A majority of these units are designed for indoor applications, yet designed properly, the units will work effectively outdoors.


    • Slat Conveyor
    slat conveyor 11.jpg


    Omni Metalcraft Corp. Slat Conveyor are considered 'special purpose' units.  Application in assembly operations are one area where these units are employed.







    jorgensen hinged steel belt.gif

    The Jorgensen Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor is Ideal for handling small parts, stampings, scrap, chips, turnings, material wet or dry, horizontal or elevating, single or multiple unit systems.







    • Drag Chain Conveyor

    Drag Chain conveyor are used in moving large unit loads over extended distances, and are best suited for transportation applications.



    • Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor
    skate wheel conveyor 11.gif


    Omni Metalcraft Corp. Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor are used in light duty applications.  The unit shown above includes the 'hook and rod' coupling, which allows for 'quick connections'.  Butt coupling are also available, but are normally used in 'fixed' applications.  These unit are available in 12", 18" and 24" widths, with standard sections 10'-0" long.


    • Tripod Supports
    • Line Shaft Conveyor

    Line Shaft Conveyor are ideally suited in systems which include short straight runs with curves and spurs.  The advantage of the Line Shaft conveyor lies with the design of the 'drive unit'.  Note a single drive can power a number of straight and curve sections, thus keeping the cost of motors and controls to a minimum.


    • 1.38, 1.9 and 2.5" Roller Conveyor


    • Vertical Lifts
    • Chain Drive live Roller
    chain driven live roller 1.jpg


    Omni Metalcraft Corp Chain Driven Live Roller conveyor are suited for a number of heavy duty applications, including very heavy unit loads including pallet loads.  Omni Metalcraft Corp manufactures a wide variety of powered and dead roller units.





    richard wilcox chain conveyor.jpg

    Overhead Chain Conveyor from Richard-Wilcox














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